Using Classes for Teachers


To learn how to create an Infobase Class or Import a class from Google Classroom, please click here.

Once you've created either an Infobase Class or imported from Google Classroom, you can start adding content to the classes and inviting students.


Inviting Students to an Infobase Class

To Invite Students to an Infobase Class, please click on Invite Students.




Once you click on Invite Students, you will be given a link or a Class Code to share with your class.




When the student logs in to their user account through their profile and clicks on Classes, they are given the option to Join a Class.  If this is the first class they are joining, they will see this screen.




They will have to insert the class code provided and click on Add Class. 




The class will now show up in their Classes.


 Inviting Students to a Google Class

To invite students to a Google Class, you can click on Invite Students which will take you directly into Google Classroom where you follow their steps on inviting students.


In order to view the new students that you've added, you'll have to follow the below steps on the eBooks Platform:


1. Click on the class name that you invited students to through Google Classroom.




2. Click the Students tab




3. Click Resync Class- The student will not show up under "Students" on our platform until they accept the invitation.





 Adding Content to your Class Folders

There are two ways to add content to your class folders.

1. The "Add To" button from the search results page.


2. The "Add To" button in the page tools inside of a book.


You will be brought to the below screen no matter where you choose to add the content from.  Here you can pick a class to add the content to.



To see the content that you just added to a class, click on the class link under the Class Name column.



Once clicking on the Class, you will be able to do the following:

1. Delete the class

2. Invite Students to that class

3. View your Class Code

4. Delete content from the class

5. View students who have joined the class

6. Sort by date created




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