Creating Classes and Syncing from Google Classroom


You can now create classes with Infobase eBooks or import existing classes from Google Classroom.

To create and sync classes, please make sure you are signed into your user account through Your Profile




Once signed in, select Classes from the pop up menu.




If you are a Teacher and do not have any classes set up yet, you'll be brought to the "No Classes Yet" screen.  Here, you can begin creating up your own Infobase Classes or Import from Google Classroom.




Let's begin with Creating an Infobase Class.  Once you click the Create an Infobase Class button pictured above. You will be brought to this screen.  You can name your class, select a grade and write a description.  Once finished, click Create.



After you've created your first class, you will be always be taken directly to the above screen when clicking on Classes from Your Profile

From this page you can:

1. Create or import classes

2. View your selected class type

3. Invite students to join a class


Importing a Class


To import a class, make sure you're in your Classes page which is accessed through Your Profile. Click on the Create or Import Class button.



Once the pop-up appears, click on Import from Google Classroom.



You'll be prompted to choose and sign into your Google Account that you use for Google Classroom. Once you choose the account, click the Allow button.




After clicking Allow, you will be prompted to select the classes that you would like to import.  You will also have to select a grade otherwise you will not be able to continue with the import.




Once you click on Import Selected Classes, you will now see your Google Classroom Class.




To learn more about how to use Classes, please click here.


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