Reader Overview


Here you will find an overview of our reader features. On the top of the reader we have the following page tools:



The order of these tools can be changed when logged into your personal account. You also have the option to hide tools.

Share- Here you can share to Google Classroom or to the following Social Media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and Tumblr. You can also share through email.

Embed/Link- Here you can copy and share the Record URL, Embed using our provided sizes or create a custom size. We also provide an LTI link for you to copy.

Add to- Once you create and sign in to your personal account, you can create and save to a specific folder.

Citations- You can view MLA, Chicago Manual of Style and Harvard citations as well as Export them to EasyBib, Noodle Tools and Refworks.

Standards- Select a Standard, Grade and Subject from the drop-downs. Once you make your selection, click view to display them.

Title Info- eBook info such as Description, Copyright Date, Publisher, Grade(s), Author, Series and Page Count can be found here.

Dictionary- Look up a word to get the definition, pronunciation, citation and other related words.

Below these page tools, you can find additional, reader specific tools and features below:




Table of Contents- Here you can view the Table of Contents, Bookmarks you’ve stored and Resources for this title if available.

My Data- Where your saved highlights and notes are stored. Please note that this tool will only show up if you are signed in to your personal account

Search Inside- Here you can search for a keyword in the book and go directly to the page where the results are found.

Font Tool- Change font size, background lighting or enable scroll view.

Page View- Switch to single or double page view.

Read Aloud- Use our text to speech voice reader.

Alternate Table of Contents- Allows you to have full view of the reader while you can continue to have easy access to the table of contents.

Full Screen Mode- Expand the Reader to full screen

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