Reader Features - Highlighting and Notes


Our reader offers a way to annotate and highlight text.  To use these features, you must be logged in to your personal account.


Highlighting: To highlight text, simply select the text you want to highlight with your mouse.  As soon as you start highlighting, a pop-up will appear where you can pick a highlight color.  You can also add notes or use this feature to search for a specific word(s) in the book. If you no longer want something highlighted, you can use the delete tool. Once you've highlighted something, you can also find the text saved in your "My Data"




Open up "My Data" and you will see all of your saved highlights.




Notes: To enter notes, use the same steps above by selecting text to highlight and then clicking on the text note icon.




Once you click on the text note icon, you can enter your note, pick a note color and save it so it is stored in your "My Data" tool like pointed out above.




Searching for a highlighted word or phrase:  Simply highlight a word or phrase by selecting it with your mouse and then click on the magnify glass. 




Once clicking the magnify glass, all results will come up that contain your highlighted word(s).  You will be given the page and be able to go directly to that page by clicking on the result.



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