Sending Chapters or Selected Text to Google Drive


The Send To page tool allows you to easily send any number of book chapters or selected (copied) text passages to Google Drive with the click of your mouse.  This is a great way for students to collaborate with each other on their research.  Once the Google Doc has been created in Google Drive, they may begin to collaborate and mark up the document together.

From any book reader page, click on the Send To page tool to bring up the interface.

If you are not already signed into your Google account, you will be prompted to sign in with Google first via the Google Sign button below.


If you are already signed into Google via your Chrome browser, or have already completed this process previously, you will be presented with the two options below:

  1. Send Entire Chapter - This option allows you to select any number of sub-chapters under a main book chapter to create your new Google Doc from.  Each chapter will be added to the same Google Doc in the order you selected them.
  2. Send Copied Text - This option allows you to paste in a selection of text from anywhere inside the book and create a brand new Google Doc.  There is no limit to the amount of text that can be pasted and sent.



Send Entire Chapter

By default, Send Entire Chapter is selected as the default method.  Select a main chapter from the left drop-down to view the list of sub-chapters from the book.

Using your mouse, select any number of sub-chapters as shown below.  Once you have finished your selections, click Send to generate a new Google Doc.


Once you click Send, the Google Doc will be created inside a new folder named, "Infobase eBooks."  Once the creation process completes, you will see a Saved link in the bottom left-hand corner of this tool.  Click on that link to view the newly created document.


The Google Doc will automatically be named with the book title.  If you selected multiple chapters, they will be listed in the outline within Google Docs as shown below.



Send Copied Text

Select the radio button next to Send Copied Text to utlizethis secondary option.  You will want to have copied the text you wish to create a Google Doc out of prior to selecting this radio button.

To select and copy text within a book, click with your mouse on the book text and drag it until the desired amount is selected in blue.  Right-click with your mouse and select Copy.


Click on the Send To page tool and paste this selected text into the box.  Click the Send button to create your Google Doc.



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