My Profile (User Profiles)


Once you have created a personal user account, you will have access to customize your personal preferences beyond the account settings options.

From your name in the top, right-hand corner, click on the My Profile option to access this section.



When you first land on this page, it will display all of your information in view only mode.  To edit anything on this page, click on the edit icon in the top right (shown below).


Once you are in edit mode, you will be able to make the following changes to your personal account:

  • Change Full Name
  • Change Username
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Role
  • Change Password
  • Modify Subjects and Grades of interest (controls content sent in new title emails)
  • Email Notification Preferences (opt in/out of new title emails and monthly newsletters)
  • Connected partner apps (enable and disable linking your personal account to your institutions Google or Microsoft account)


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